Bay Area Networking, Inc. offers a variety of services designed to support businesses with basic to complex computing and networking needs. Below is a list of the services we provide for a wide range of clients in San Francisco and the Peninsula.

General networking and desktop consulting services:

  • Local Area Network Design and Installation
  • MS Exchange Server Specialists: Installation, Troubleshooting & Support
  • Expert Troubleshooting and Operating System Upgrades
  • Support for Windows Vista, XP, 2000 & McIntosh, Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Application Installation and Desktop Support
  • End User Email Setup, Exporting, Importing and Reconfigurations
  • CAT5 Certified Voice & Data Wiring Solutions
  • Troubleshooting & Support for Novell NetWare and Windows Networks
  • Router Configuration & Support
  • Assurance of Ongoing Virus Protection for both Servers and Workstations

Specialized Consulting Services Offered for More Complex Environments:
  • Wide Area Network Design and Implementations
  • Advise With Planning and Migrations to Windows Active Directory Services
  • Migrations From GroupWise and SMTP Mail Servers to MS Exchange
  • Setup of Enterprise Based Anti-Virus Solution
  • Firewall Implementations & Secure Remote Access Solutions
  • Virtual Private Network Setup Between Corporate and Remote Sites
  • Setup Enterprise Wide Fail-Over Solutions For Internet and Email Access
  • Backup Analysis, Assurance, & Testing
  • Analysis and Integration of Dissimilar Systems
  • Strategic Planning for Office Relocation to Minimize Down Time
  • Fault Tolerance Assessment and Clustering Implementations
  • Setup Disaster Recovery Plans, Analysis, and Simulation
  • Network Performance Analysis and Optimization
  • Installation, Replacement & Upgrades of Servers, Routers, Hardware & Software
  • Training of On-Site System Administrator for Daily Administration Tasks

Maintenance Contracts

Bay Area Networking, Inc. offers hourly consulting services at very competitive rates. In addition, Bay Area Networking, Inc. offers custom maintenance contracts tailored to meet your company specific needs. Unlike traditional month-to-month contracts, we offer attractive discounted pre-paid blocks of time. These pre-paid blocks of time are valid for a period of one year and can be utilized for any services offered; From telephone support and scheduled network maintenance to emergency calls and system troubleshooting. Clients that subscribe to our pre-paid maintenance plans receive key benefits and first class priority support.

Key Benefits

Small Business

These small organizations like the rest of the business world need technology tools in order to survive and maintain competitive in this technological world. Computers, Internet access, email, data integrity, troubleshooting, and back up, to mention a few. Unfortunately, these small organizations cannot afford the expenses of on-site IT personal. Bay Area Networking, Inc. provides the personalized services that these small organizations need. Our Consultants will help you select, install and setup the technology and systems you need to keep you communicated with the rest of the business world. They will make you feel like you have your own IT department in house.

It is not necessary to be a large organization or to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy the benefits of having the IT support you need. You can have an experienced team ready to handle your IT needs and best of all you only pay when you need support.

Outsourcing your IT needs to Bay Area Networking, Inc. will give you the piece of mind you need so that you can concentrate on your main goal "your business".

Medium Size Business and the Enterprise

Corporate environments with 20-100 computers or more, traditionally hire an on site technician or IT group that can handle the basic system administration and end user support needs. However when more complicated network problems arise, Bay Area Networking, Inc. can work as a team with your IT staff to promptly resolve any issues and return your systems to operation. In addition, Bay Area Networking, Inc. can assist your IT staff with the planning and replacement of outdated equipment and inevitable operating system updates. The consultants at Bay Area Networking, Inc. are constantly helping a large number of clients resolve systems issues every day. They are more frequently exposed to new problems arising in our fast changing technological world. They become aware of new problems faster than in-house technical staff. Thus, when new virus attacks or system vulnerabilities are discovered; they promptly inform our clients and help them take the necessary measures to maintain their network infrastructure protected and secured.

Bay Area Networking, Inc. can provide valuable support to reinforce and backup the IT staff in your organization. We can help you keep your network infrastructure operational so that you can maintain your company a float. Some of the key benefits our clients are constantly benefiting from are: Assistance with implementing VPN solutions to interconnect additional remote sites, perform external intrusion tests to ensure security, testing and verification of remote link connectivity, simulation and testing of remote access for end users, assurance and verification of Internet connectivity outages, recommendation and testing of new applications and operating systems,remote administration and support, reprogramming of routers, prompt notification and methods to protect from new virus attacks, etc. As a value added service, Bay Area Networking, Inc. often watches over an entire organization and resolves system issues when IT personal is on vacation or unavailable.

"You do not need to spend thousands of dollars retraining IT staff".

In addition to a solid background in hardware and software installations, Bay Area Networking, Inc. consultants are constantly upgrading their technical skills. They have expertise in different specific areas like Microsoft Exchange Server, Cisco Routers, Fire Wall & Security Setups, and much more.

Bay Area Networking, Inc. can help your company stay up-to-date in this competitive and threatening technological age.

Request a free consultation visit to discuss our services and how they can benefit your company by calling toll free at 1-888-554-2500 or email at

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